To the little girl at recess…

To the little girl who held my son’s hand today at recess…

You don’t know me, but I’m Cam’s Mama.
I have been waiting and wishing for someone like you to come along for a very long time.
You see, Cam is different in a magnificent sort of way.
He has autism.
That means that there are certain things that might come quite easily for you that Cam struggles with GREATLY.
Things like talking and making friends are BIG challenges that we have been working on for years.

I used to wonder if Cam would ever have special friends in his life that he could turn to when he needs them.

As his Mama, I try to listen and play, and just be there for him.

But I also know the value of a good friend.
It hurts my heart to think that he might not connect with people in that way.
Not like he does with his Mama.

Although in many ways he is just like other children his age, I sometimes wonder if Cam is starting to notice that he is different.

He is SO smart, and he notices the tiniest details in the most wonderful things.

He learns some things quickly, like the names of all of the planets and many moons!
He’s also great at reading sight words!

Some things take a lot of practice, like making those same words come through the difficult journey starting in his brain and ending at our ears.

Words are not his main language.
Pictures likely are, and he remembers EVERYTHING.

So, I wonder if he sees the incredible beauty in the differences and in himself.

I hope he does.

Today, you did.
 You saw through the differences and right to his heart.
You made a friend on the playground and held his hand as the two of you walked, talked and played together in the sunshine. He enjoyed your friendship so much that he sought you out later in gym class.
I’m pretty sure that his teachers cried.
Gosh, I sure did.

I hope that someone explained how precious it was that Cam was searching for words to talk to you. Because for him that is  A LOT of work, but clearly he thought that it was worth it.

I wish that I knew your name so that I could thank you and foster your new friendship. I wish that I could hug YOUR mama or daddy (and likely your teacher) because they have given you an incredible gift that you shared with Cam today:

The ability to truly see Cam and to reach out to him in the purest form of friendship.

Autism awareness?

Autism Acceptance.
(Edit: Today, at pick up, your name was the first thing he mentioned when I asked about his day…)