Thoughts for my younger self…

They say that with age comes wisdom.
I don’t entirely agree.
In my experience, with age comes life experience, and with those experiences we are either open to or closed off from a whole series of opportunities to learn…

Of all of the lessons in life, these are the ones I wish “we” had mastered much earlier.

Kindness: This is the number one tool to use whenever possible. It takes so little energy to give, and the rewards are so impactful.

Self Confidence: Not to be confused with arrogance, attention seeking and self righteousness. But the knowledge that “I am a work in progress and I’m proud of the progress I’m making.”

Self Respect and with that… Boundaries: The message that you put out into the universe, about who you are, how you act, what kind of people you want in your life… It all creates the formula for the things in life which will be inextricably pulled into your reality. It’s as inevitable as gravity. You set the tone for how others perceive you, treat you, and remember you. 

Stoke the fire: Follow that inner voice that says, “This world is broken and I need to fix it!” You are not an idealist, you have ideas.

Some of them will work, some of them will fail, some of these failures will break your heart greatly. Ignore the voices who tell you that you can’t fix everything, because your fire inside… That’s EXACTLY what it is for. It’s the fuel for the overwhelming passion that has led you through this life. It will not consume you if you put it to good use.
Or, it might… Either way, rage on.

Love: Freely giving love to everyone, because everyone IS deserving, as opposed to only giving what we feel people deserve, when they are in our good graces.

Knowledge: this does not come as a guaranteed partner of our aging minds and bodies. You have to do The Work in this life in order to learn anything about it…

Sometimes, what we learn is what we expected. Other times we find ourselves dusting ourselves off from a battle of wits with Life’s Lessons. We only learn from the lessons that we open ourselves up to. If we reject all that isn’t aligned with our current beliefs and systems of understanding, we MISS OUT ON SO MUCH.

Find Teachers that you respect and learn from them. These people will be knee deep in the most important work of their/your life. Study them. Read their research. Explore their ideas, question everything and then add what you need to your toolbox. Grow from it. Then, go find more teachers. Never stop learning.

Compassion: When we are angry, when we are joyous, when we are resentful, when we are afraid, when we are at our worst, not only when we are at our best.

Find your Tribe: They will NOT be who you think. They may, even, find you. But these are the people who will have your back when you need it and they will tell you that you’ve screwed up, too. They will also be the people that you can simply BE with, without frills, pretenses, makeup, or even a shower… They will love you with a passion that fills your heart with abounding joy. They may or may not be family, and they may be constantly changing themselves. Support their journey as fiercely as they are supporting yours.

You got this.


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