And we’re back!

Agh!  Like I said a couple of posts before, I’m not so hot at this blogging thing.  I can’t believe that it has been 3 months since my last confession, er, post.  To be fair to myself, that time frame coincided with TAKS testing (TX State standardized tests from hell) and the end of the school year.  Not to mention that in those same 3 months I joined a very intensive bootcamp, “The Busy Women’s Bootcamp” in which I proceeded to get my ever loving arse kicked weekly by a personal trainer who is fitter than the fittest fiddle. I wanted to become a more healthy mother for my son.  I wanted to not feel anxious and tired all of the time.  Of course, sleeping through the night would be a GREAT start to this:)  I digress..

I began walking with Cam in a stroller in the mornings three times a week.

I doubled my record of push-ups.  I did crazy (I do mean insane) stairs workouts in 95 degree heat.  Nearly tossed up a protein shake.  I went all sparkly in my right eye from exertion.  THAT’s outta shape!

I ran my first 5K…. And survived. It WAS indeed a miracle because my brain was telling me the entire time that I couldn’t do it, just slow down, I SWEAR it uttered, “slow and steady wins the race” about half a dozen times.  I came in DEAD last.  And I felt terrific about it!  🙂 HAHA!  The crazy thing is, I’m about to do it all again.

Cameron turned one this month.  ONE!  An entire year has flashed in the blink of an eye.  My sweet, beautiful, amazing little boy is growing like a weed.  He is likely to become tall like his Daddy, he’s already 31 inches long.  After his first birthday party I had a fleeting feeling of sadness that my family was not more involved in the beautiful celebration, but rather than feel sad for what was missing I embraced the fact that my closest friends and my husband’s family were here to celebrate it with us.  We are truly blessed in many ways.  As a friend once told me, “It takes a village to raise a child.  YOU pick his village, just like you can CHOOSE your family.”  And so I have.  Looking over the pictures from his party, I’d say that we’ve chosen well.  My son is loved dearly by all who know him.

Now that summer vacation is here I’ve got more time on my hands and I hope to use it more creatively than I have been able to in the past few months.  My goal this week is to organize my house – beginning with my bedroom closet:)  I’d share a picture but it ain’t pretty and frankly its the stuff nightmares are made of.

Stay tuned for more updates.  I hope!


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