Kibou~ Japanese for Hope

As we all have witnessed, Japan has taken some hard hits in the last week and a half.  Earthquakes, Tsunamis, after-shocks, nuclear plants nearing meltdown… For many of us, it truly has been fodder for nightmares.  Now imagine that your family is there.  My cousin, Luke, is married to the most beautiful soul, Kumi, who was born and raised in Japan.  Together they have two adorable children that somehow manage to echo the things most beautiful about our very distinct cultures.  Upon hearing of the 9.1 magnitude earthquake that was unleashed upon Japan, my heart jumped into my throat.  Of course, we think first to those that are nearest to our heart.  It is only human nature.  Once I verified that Kumi’s family was safe, the reality of what this meant for the millions of people who were affected hit home.

I felt that I needed to do something, and I was at a loss as to how I could be the most effective.  A financial donation was the immediate and obvious choice, so I contributed via American Red Cross and Global Giving.  I needed to make a more symbolic and meaningful gesture.  That’s me, the overachiever.  Sometimes my heart can swallow me (and my wallet) whole.  At the end of the day, it’s only money, and it ya can’t take it with you.

Then a friend of Kumi and Luke made my decision for me.

This was the message that I saw posted on Facebook:

Pray for Japan

Japanese for Hope

I have a wonderful friend here that is from Japan and living here in the United States, she has inspired me to create a line of necklaces from which profits will be donated to to the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief fund. The heartbreak and sadness I see in the eyes of the Japanese people is overwhelming. Hopefully this necklace will give a tiny support in helping the people of Japan recover from their pain.

This necklace comes on an 18 inch sterling silver chain.
One sterling silver disc ~ pray for Japan
smaller sterling silver disc kibou (hope)
One pewter koi charm.

All proceeds from this necklace will go to the International Red Cross Japan relief.

Thank you.

No, my new friend.  Thank YOU.  Every time I wear this necklace, I will remember the love that went into it.

For more beautiful jewelry, please visit The Beaded Butterfly


One thought on “Kibou~ Japanese for Hope

  1. Danielle, thank you for your writing and most of all, thank you for your big heart. I have been in America for 13 years. My heart never felt pain this much. It still aches everyday. I am trying to do something to help Japan everyday, every night and every moment now. And I realized how lucky I am to have many family and friends to support me for Japan relief. It will take some time, of course. But I know that Japan will be 100% Japan someday soon because we have HOPE:-)

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