In one word: Vintage.

From the first time I heard her debut EP, entitled Why You Runnin,  I was hooked.  Lissie is semi new on the music scene, and although she’s had some intense music placement in popular (yet tragically canceled) tv shows such as The Dollhouse, she isn’t going to be a household name.  Ever.  I’m completely OK with that, as some of my favorite and most coveted musical finds have never reached top 20 status, and for true music lovers that is exactly the way we like it.

Lissie’s got a story to tell, and she does it perfectly, channeling some long lost sounds of days gone by when folk rock really rocked.  If Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan had a baby, it would be Lissie.  For those of you who don’t get it…  Lissie’s intense.  Her deep and hoarse vocals along with her melancholy lyrics are reminiscent of Lizzie West’s “Holy Road Freedom Songs” which were and still are in high rotation in my iPod.  There’s a little Indigo Girls in there too, at least for me.  Maybe a little of that Sheryl Crow sound before she got all happy on us.  Is it just me or did we like her A LOT MORE when she was a sexy-drunken-smokes-too-much-harlot hoarsely belting out, “If it makes you happy…” in those hot red boots and matching lipstick?  I digress…

Lissie should be in your folk rock / singer songwriter collection.  Giver her a listen, and enjoy.  Stay tuned for the June 21 release of her upcoming album, Catching a Tiger!

For more videos and music visit:

As always, if you like the sounds – buy the music directly from the artist🙂


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