The Veils – My New Band Crush

OK – so have you ever witnessed an incident that made you so literally angst ridden to watch but there was something so compelling in it that you had trouble taking your eyes away from it? Yeah, well that is what I experienced at The Mohawk when The Veils came to town. I love their music, and I’m a fan of any good looking band that can appeal to me in a video or in a song, but this was something epic. Enigmatic, even.

First of all, the bassist, SOPHIA BURN, is a female. And she is bad ass. I’ve seen thousands of shows – all over the country! But I’ve never seen anything like her! She is sort of this magical waify creature that I couldn’t quite categorize… Yes, even I had a hard time trying to pin her down. My brain couldn’t decide if it wanted to slap fairy wings on her or create a Tim Burton movie starring her. Moving on.

So the band has a pseudo new but kinda temporary drummer RAIFE BURCHELL, and he is ridiculously good. Sort of reminds me of Wolverine on a kit.  Raife has a terrific energy – I hate watching a band perform when the only person thinking about their day hours is the drummer. I wanna feel the percussion radiating from the stage, and that takes damn good energy. He had it.

As did the guitarist, DANIEL RAISHBROOK, who also had a loooong line of ladies waiting to meet him post show. What is it with groupies and guitarists? Seriously?  I loved his contribution in “The Letter,” it is phenomenal.  It’s like his guitar and the lyrics are engaged in this sort of dance… Truly complimentary.  Raishbrook isn’t a hot dog guitarist, either.  He’s just flippin’ good.

Of course, that leaves me with songwriter and frontman, FINN ANDREWS. I find it nearly impossible to describe him with mere words. Watching him sort of breaks my heart but I find myself transfixed. It’s like taking an intimate step in a relationship that you know, undoubtedly, will break your heart.  He’s got this magnificent intensity that I can’t get enough of. An artist, in every sense of the word. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see how he does it, how he creates a chain reaction that evolves into a song that will inevitably make you feel like you’re falling in love or mourning the loss of the the most important thing you’ll ever know… Yeah, like I said, Intense.

Having worked in the BIZ and having met thousands of performers, I was sooo glad to feel drawn out of the slump of my mundane life to see THIS band. I’ve become jaded, and that’s not me… Not only were The Veils terrific on stage, but after the show we sat and chatted for a while and they were, to put it bluntly, F-ing RAD. Nice to see that there are still musicians out there to make music and create art and live LIFE.

Since I fell in love with the band a little over a year ago, I’ve purchased every album they have made and have enjoyed each one in its unique but characteristic flavor.  They’ve been busy pond hopping all over the world, even revisiting Austin for a very busy SXSW schedule.  The word is spreading, people are taking notice.  For now, until you understand what it is that YOU are missing, I can keep them to myself for just a bit longer;)

The Veils

I’ll leave you with the video for the above mentioned The Letter, with such resounding lyrics as “go wash your heart in the river. till the water runs clear…”

Ok, Ok, Ok, just one more…. Here’s Sun Gangs… Which just kills me, in a very Johnny Cash kind of way.

Now, go get yourself some music…



In one word: Vintage.

From the first time I heard her debut EP, entitled Why You Runnin,  I was hooked.  Lissie is semi new on the music scene, and although she’s had some intense music placement in popular (yet tragically canceled) tv shows such as The Dollhouse, she isn’t going to be a household name.  Ever.  I’m completely OK with that, as some of my favorite and most coveted musical finds have never reached top 20 status, and for true music lovers that is exactly the way we like it.

Lissie’s got a story to tell, and she does it perfectly, channeling some long lost sounds of days gone by when folk rock really rocked.  If Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan had a baby, it would be Lissie.  For those of you who don’t get it…  Lissie’s intense.  Her deep and hoarse vocals along with her melancholy lyrics are reminiscent of Lizzie West’s “Holy Road Freedom Songs” which were and still are in high rotation in my iPod.  There’s a little Indigo Girls in there too, at least for me.  Maybe a little of that Sheryl Crow sound before she got all happy on us.  Is it just me or did we like her A LOT MORE when she was a sexy-drunken-smokes-too-much-harlot hoarsely belting out, “If it makes you happy…” in those hot red boots and matching lipstick?  I digress…

Lissie should be in your folk rock / singer songwriter collection.  Giver her a listen, and enjoy.  Stay tuned for the June 21 release of her upcoming album, Catching a Tiger!

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As always, if you like the sounds – buy the music directly from the artist🙂