Lil’ Junebug

Seeing the baby for the first time at 7 weeks was intense, even though all we saw was a bean and a flicker.  I think it must be a maternal thing that you can so easily identify with the shapes and movement… It isn’t unidentifiable at all, it’s your baby.  However, this did nothing to prepare me for our next visit at 11 weeks.   It was as if the earth opened up and swallow everything I thought I knew about the world.  Head, belly, bottom, legs, arms and a strong heartbeat… I could even see the outline of a little nose!  At first, Junebug had her little fist up to her nose and I was shocked at the ginormous nose!  But then she (we don’t know that it is a girl, just sounds better than “it”) quickly moved her little arms and the picture was so clear.  That precious and tiny baby was OUR baby.  I was in the loveliest shock and looked to Rob to find some sort of stabilization, but his face was in the same place… In awe.  In love.  In an overwhelming sense of “everything is right in the world.”  I’ve never seen my husband so happy, and I’ve never loved that man more than in that very instant.  A friend pointed out, “Throwing up today will feel so much more worth it than yesterday!”  And she was right.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to introduce you to Junebug:)
Junebug's little head, belly and feet dangling above!


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